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The USC IGM Art Gallery
In Association with the ARTery USA

Presents the Art of Freedom by

Bunker Art Group
Artists and Poets of Freedom
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The USC IGM Art of Freedom Team
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Bunker Art Group Honored by Salute America
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Los Angeles City Council Members Recognize Organizers
Los Angeles City Counsel Proclamations
Global Connection and Communication through Art
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Los Angeles and Six Countries Honor Art of Freedom
at USC Bunker Art Group Exhibit

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LOS ANGELES (7/14) - On July 14th hundreds of people from Los Angeles and six Baltic countries participated in a day long cultural celebration to kickoff a four month art exhibit of the Bunker Art Group at the USC IGM Art Gallery in Los Angeles. The exhibit was organized in collaboration with the Polish Consulate General Republic of Poland, the Polish National Tourist Office, and the USC IGM Art Gallery.

The opening drew international interest as people from Russia, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Armenia participated in a cultural celebration throughout the day. This day of artistic and cultural awareness included a breakfast, luncheon, press conference and a gala twilight opening. On this day to remember, people from Los Angeles and across the world were treated to the sights, sounds, smells and entertainment from various ethnic groups in support of artists who have emerged after the fall of the Soviet Union. 

The exhibit entitled "Broken Eggs: Abstract Art, the Language of Freedom” presents the abstract art of the Bunker Art Group.  The Bunker Art Group represents those that created underground and were treated by the Soviet regime as dissidents before the fall of communism in the Soviet Block countries.

The Bunker Art Group core now lives in America where since their arrival, they have worked to create, build, advance and exhibit their art as symbolic expressions of their greater freedoms and as unquestionable evidence of the depth of their creativity. Their art passionately utilizes color, shape, brush and assemblage to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces of abstract expression. Instilling passion or calm in beautiful blends of shape and color, Bunker art is a creative, inspired and prolific expression of each individual artist. As a Bunker advocate recently said: "The only thing that stands in the way of greatness for this group, this inspired movement, this tribute to free expression, is getting the world to see them."

Bunker Art serves as an exemplary hallmark to artistic potential that thrives when artists are free to create.  Bunker Art shines as a beacon of hope for the benefits of a free and creative world, demonstrating that Art is Life; Life is Art.  It represents individual effort and the effort of humanity; the struggle of the artist as it parallels the struggle of the world. It represents anyone who lives life attentively in service to inclusive, creativity and unrepressed  freedom of expression.

Excitement built throughout the day beginning with the guests from the four Baltic countries sharing the resources and opportunities of their countries with each other and tourism representatives from the Greater Los Angeles Area. 

The twilight opening event was truly a unique multicultural, intergenerational experience.  Artists, academics, and curious members of the public met each other and engaged in dynamic dialog in the halls and atrium of the USC IGM Art Gallery. The talkative upbeat crowd was obviously stimulated by the holistic environment:  art, food, speeches, exotic Living Sculptures, award presentations and unique entertainment.  Something special or big was happening.

More than the rhythm of African drumming and singing, musicians and dancers, Living Sculptures gliding through the crowd, good food, dynamic discussion, and inspiring art, something was “in the air.”  More than the KIPP Charter School student docents engaging the audience in lively dialog about abstract art and the sense of pride all had in these youth. More than an inner excitement generated by a permeating presence of  a positive life affirmative spirit passion set free.

A sense that something special, larger than any individual or group, was felt.  All were in some sense experiencing a little part of history or had the feeling they were witnessing the birth of a movement towards something great and lasting.  There was an understanding of and commitment to opportunity for all, inclusive, and a driving effort for the world to change, accomplish, and create.  All present felt The Bunker Spirit.

Over the next several months numerous events associated with the exhibit are planned at the USC IGM Art Gallery.  They are intended to gather public, private, nonprofit, academic and media leaders to promote the exhibit and create greater public awareness of the Bunker Spirit. The organizers will bring local and global leaders together to share and leverage resources to meet the challenges of rapidly advancing technology, environmental sustainability, and genome research implementing change management and Bunker Spirit.

The Broken Eggs exhibit at the USC IGM Art Gallery has already drawn substantial attention for Bunker’s efforts representing a true manifestation of global concepts of economic self-sufficiency, social justice and artistic freedom. It has inspired others to collaborate and further the Bunker example of ways creativity can flourish in free and just societies, an integral component of democracy.  

The USC IGM Art Gallery, the Bunker Art Group, the ARTery USA and others envision an international cultural exchange with plans to travel the exhibit in service to their missions to ensure a bright future for the world’s children.  

Los Angeles City Council Members Recognize Organizers

In recognition of this effective collaboration, Los Angeles City Council members Tom LaBonge (Fourth District)  and Ed Reyes (First District) provided special City Proclamations to the Bunker Group, the Polish Consulate General Republic of Poland, the Polish National Tourist Office's Baltic Seminar, Lynn Crandall, Director of The USC IGM Art Gallery and The ARTery for their vision in collaborating to organize a day long international trade seminar, a press reception and an opening reception of Broken Eggs for the public to share and recognize the Bunker Group.

Bunker Art Group Honored by Salute America

The Bunker Art Group, was honored at opening by the USC IGM Art Gallery, The ARTery and the Salute America Campaign not only for the extra effort to emerge from an oppressive environment and for the manifestation their talent and brilliant expressions through their art, but also for their model for economic self-sufficiency and social justice .with freedom. The Extra Effort Awards were presented by Senior Senator James "Pasqual" Bettio, Founder of the ARTery and Lynn Crandall, Director of the USC IGM Art Gallery to Kiki (Grigor Mikaelyan), Founder and leader of The Bunker Group, Lark (Larisa Pilinsky), Artist/Exhibit Curator and artists Sev (Hachatryan, Henry), Rotch (Armen Hajian), Achot Achot (Achot Kazarian), Narine Isajanyan, Lucine Khachatrian, Olga Rader, and Tigran Aroutiounian.

The Art of Freedom Team

United in Effort United in Vision

The accomplishments generated by this collaboration of leaders are evident in the list of the organizations and individuals who have come together through the extra effort of the organizing team.

The USC Institute for Genetic Medicine
USC IGM Art Gallery
The Bunker Group
Art Treasures
Interagency Council, Vermont/Harbour Neighborhood Council
Creative Environments of Hollywood
USC   Building Trades Facilities Management Services       
Sun Utility Network
KIPP Charter School
USC Armenian Institute
The Polish National Tourism Office
The Rose Breast Cancer Association
Sharing Friends of the Arts, Hollywood International
Council Member Ed Reyes
Council Member Tom La Bonge

Opening Reception Organizing Committee

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Dr. Larry Kedes – Director, USC IGM

Lynn Crandall - Director USC IGM Art Gallery, DnA Project Mgr.

Agnieszka Miziolek – USC IGM Art Gallery Operations Officer

Larisa Pilinsky - Artist/Curator - The Bunker Art Group

Senior Senator J. "Pasqual" Bettio - Founder, The ARTery USA



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The USC IGM Art Gallery Board

 Dr. Larry Kedes, Lynn Crandall, Tom Frye, Ron Bitzer, Kaz Yeghiazarian, Luke Levandoski, Les Hamasaki, Marjorie Matsushita, Faranak Van Patten


Ed Vaynman, Luis Garcia

Webwork/Digital Advisors

D. Lindley Young, Scott, Henryk Chrostek, Artur Patkowski

Education Advisors

Javier Espinoza, John Lee


Carmelita Pitman, Founder, Rose Breast Cancer Assn.


Culinary Expertise

Grace Yates


Pasqual's Strut Wearable Art

Key Hair Stylist & Stylist

Marcel Munoz


Make-Up Artist

Aimee Torres

Living Art Sculptures

Nickey Anderson, Steve Anderson, Ernie Anderson, Johanna Hickey

Sibella's Divine Capes


Los Angeles City Counsel Proclamations
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Los Angeles City Counsel members Ed Reyes (First District) and Tom LaBonge (Fourth District) honored the Bunker Group, The Polish National Tourist Office, USC IGM Art Gallery ad The ARTery USA with Certificates of Recognition for their contributions. Below are some of the certificates.


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Greater Global Connection and Communication

A Product of Vision - The Result of Effort

Art,  universal in its ability to communicate  provides an unlimited timeless vehicle to advance understanding and appreciation among global cultures. The USC IGM Art Gallery, The ARTery USA, the Bunker Art Group, Salute America and others will foster, encourage, promote, create, exchange, exhibit, and otherwise advance global arts and artists by connecting artists and their creations  to global ethnic, cultural, religious, and geographic communities.

We are establishing interdependent strategic alliances with independent individuals, organizations, corporations, government entities and government agencies to advance multicultural, multinational creation and exchange of the arts. Through a collaboration of local and international organizations and public, private, non-profit, academic and media partnerships we will participate in and encourage greater cultural, artistic, scientific and historical exchange to advance understanding and communication  and to advance free expression, social acceptance and greater creative opportunity. 

The primary colors of  the heart of man are a common bond for humanity
when they are freely and truly communicated and exchanged.

United in Effort - United in Vision

An ICAN effort With the Support of Salute
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